Life is Hard


I don’t think things get easier. Life will always be hard. Having a better life, it’s not about our circumstances or our situations or our relationships that just become easier.

Our life doesn’t get better because the world does. Our life gets better because our hearts do. With every hard thing we have to do, we become stronger, more resilient, tougher and brave. We learn how to accept the difficult things and we learn how to deal with them. We make mistakes and we learn to forgive. We know life doesn’t get easier, but we know living it does.

We don’t love life because it’s easy. We love it because it challenges us. It teaches us. It shows us how strong we are. We know to live and love and forgive and trust is hard. But we know, without a doubt, that we grow and hope and love nonetheless.

Because : It is not life, my friends, that get better. It’s us.

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