The Perfect Gift


It is with joy and a sense of sweet accomplishment, that The Heartfelt Collection presents these delicately feminine bridesmaid neck ornaments! As with everything we do at Heartfelt, we took a great deal of time and care to get them just right, so that they can truly portray the heart of a friendship, the love for a mother, or the admiration of an inspirational woman.

Let’s face it ladies, when the big day arrives, we need our girls by our side! With these pendants we wanted to give you the opportunity to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid in a unique and personal way.

Each necklace has it’s own name and meaning that compliments each of the three unique designs. These sterling silver beauties, packaging included, are priced at R175, and you even get to customize the tag and the ribbon to make it a truly intimate expression of love and friendship!

Of course, it is totally acceptable to spoil yourself a little too! Which will it be? “Entwined”, “Solid” or “Forever”..? Yes, I agree, when they are all so pretty you just have to get all three.

We won’t judge if you don’t! │ Order yours today



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